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We continuously sift through vast amounts of information on the internet, deciding in a instant which ones to accept or reject. We are surrounded by mechanisms that are commercialized in a complex manner and things that have more and more added value and functions. But aren’t simpler things what we really need? What is important is the kind of meaning that these information possess. What changes do products and services engender in our lives? What needs to be created is not just the outside appearance of a website but the brand itself.


As the name “Andon”* implies, the concept of this project was to “illuminate the city with bustle and light.” With Andon, we planned an aggregation of small-scale shops, offices and residences, achieving the integration of urban functions centered on individuality.
*Andon means an oil lampstand with a wooden frame and paper shade in Japanese.
Lacleis Yakuin
We conducted promotional activities for this newly-built condominium for rent. We planned and oversaw advertising tools such as posters, leaflets and its website.

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