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Constructing buildings that symbolize the city

There is no need for more buildings that are not society-friendly, are easily replaceable and built only with economic rationality in mind. Individual owners and developers should take responsibility for the impact that their buildings have on cities. We would like to construct sustainable buildings and cities that make all people – residents, workers, crowds and passersby happy.


What we do

We scrutinize and grasp the following: a site’s characteristics such as location and environment; market needs; and the economic rationality of costs and returns. We then design real estate business plans that balance both creativity and profitability which lead our projects to success.



Project Flow

First, we organize the client’s desired terms, analyze the site’s characteristics, and then we draft a clear concept. Based on the concept, we then create a plan covering design, financing and leasing strategies in a consistent manner. We manage the project with creativity and profitability in mind, leading the project to success.




Our Projects

As the name “Andon”* implies, the concept of this project was to “illuminate the city with bustle and light.” With Andon, we planned an aggregation of small-scale shops, offices and residences, achieving the integration of urban functions centered on individuality.
*Andon means an oil lampstand with a wood frame and paper shade in Japanese.
Consisting of concrete cubes stacked together, each of these “boxes” expresses its individuality. From the area’s sweet spot of 150,000 yen for gross rent, the lot size was calculated backwards according to each floor’s price per unit area.
Promenade Imaizumi
With a lot shaped like an eel with a long interior and a small and narrow frontage, we planned this building as a property for commercial lease. We considered multiple patterns for the project’s size based on the amount invested and the risks; consequently, we employed a wooden structure without maximizing the floor area ratio. 


Developing revitalization and effective utilization strategies for existing properties

In this day and age, renovations and conversions are merely commonplace measures.

Anyone can clearly see that there is an oversupply of buildings. This is a consequence of the rapid increase in profit-making properties that have decreased occupancy rates due to deterioration and loss of market competitiveness; and the rapid increase in buildings that have fulfilled their initial intended purposes. However, this only means that the “software” or the functions of present buildings do not match market needs but the “hardware” or the frameworks can still be used. If anything, by renovating the entire building or just the rooms, a property can be transformed into a competitive one possessing a unique character, a taste that relatively newer properties do not have. Based on market analysis, we will reconsider a property’s intended purposes, size, floor plan, design and others, and construct a profitable renewal strategy.

What we do

Not all old properties are appropriate for renovation. The real estate revitalization strategies that must be adopted differ depending on a property’s characteristics, market needs, profitability and the owner’s circumstances. The process of choosing the optimal plan from all conceivable investment options is important. Ultimately, a project is considered successful if its leasing schedule goes according to plan.



Our Projects

Fukuoka Construction College
This was a renovation of a vocational school’s campus. Closed public spaces were opened, the ceiling was dismantled and redone by Okawa woodwork craftsmen utilizing design techniques that are hundreds of years old. The school’s logo and pamphlet were also redesigned.
Sunlife Daimyo
To an individual investor, we proposed converting an old condominium into an office building as an investment. Beginning with the property proposal, we also handled the financing plan and renovation plan, up until accepting applications for occupancy. We achieved a substantial increase in rental income per unit area.
Kuniyasu Building
This was a renovation of a 37-year old condominium. The timing was appropriate with the departure of the previous occupant and a restoration to its original state was being considered. Ultimately it was decided that a remodeling of the targeted area that added value to the property was the best choice.


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