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New criteria in finding real estate

We believe that people have varying fixations and tastes. Depending on the person, a peculiar property may seem like a treasure of a space. Ultimately, what is important is matching people and properties. However, there is a large chasm between properties that strike a chord with our company and properties that typical real estate firms consider as “good.” Because there is a fundamental gap in sensitivities, bridging that gap is surely futile no matter how much it is explained in words. R Real Estate began because of this problem. From a vast real estate market, we diligently find unconventional, idiosyncratic but lovable properties that we then feature on our website.





Typical real estate firms have search criteria specifying conditions such as “minutes away from the train station” and “bath reheating function” but at Real Fukuoka Estate, we offer a way of sorting properties in a completely novel manner with conditions including “good views,” “DIY remodeling OK” and “near the water.”
At Real Fukuoka Estate, our property list is also presented in a new way. All properties have catchphrases, and the staff members who find the properties carefully and thoughtfully introduce each one in articles with accompanying photos.
We write about new ways of living from different angles in the form of written columns. These columns function as a medium for conveying various messages that go beyond stereotypical ways of presenting real estate such as interviews, area exploration and project introductions.


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