A practical education program – a step up from internship.

Although various things are taught in college architecture classes, it is difficult to connect these to the real world, and it is somewhat difficult to grasp the connection between “designing” and “something that has been designed will be built.” We operate a practical architecture education program that promotes a student’s growth by consistently conducting team-based projects where clients commission design and construction similar to actual projects in the real world.




DesignBuildFukuoka 1st
DesignBuildFukuoka 2nd
From design to construction, this is a practical architecture education program targeted at architecture students and working adults under 30 years old. This was established in cooperation with an American NPO with the goal of cultivating human resources specializing in architecture who simultaneously possess design, proposal-making, problem-solving abilities as well as communication and technical skills. The first project was the construction of a new picture book library for children to play in within the grounds of a kindergarten in Fukuoka City. The second project was the renovation of a 100-year old Japanese farm house as a base for relocation support in Koge, Fukuoka Prefecture.

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