Strategic change as an engine for the times

It is easy to obtain things and information in this day and age. In this backdrop, we have learned to distinguish what we really need and take only those things. What is the real value of what can only be found there? What are the things that will be considered necessary in the coming ages? Precisely because we have firsthand experience in addressing the needs of people who are half a step ahead of the times through our real estate media and real estate development, we orchestrate brand creation that is real and not superficial.




Fukuoka Construction College
Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Fukuoka Construction College, this renewal project involved completely changing the school’s building, pamphlets, website and logo. With the new look of this school, we offered a glimpse of the future of the architecture industry.
Lacleis Yakuin
We conducted promotional activities for this newly-built condominium for rent. We planned and oversaw advertising tools such as posters, leaflets and its website.

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