We are creative developers in the fields of real estate and architecture with the mission of shaping future culture.

What Japan needs now are acts that would shape tomorrow’s culture. Japan does not need to mass produce repetitively, nor imitate foreign countries. In order to provide Japan with living environments and a culture that Japanese people would be proud of, the coexistence of creativity and profitability in business management in all fields is necessary. Centered on business domains related to real estate and architecture and with clients widely ranging from individuals to corporations to governmental bodies, we offer services spanning real estate and architectural services, development, consulting, design, art and education, creating new forms of culture in the process. Without conforming to any industry and with the mission of “shaping future culture,” we will expand by venturing into various businesses.

DMX co.,ltd.

AMANO Bldg. 3-22-23 Haruyoshi Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL +81(92)791-8180/FAX +81(92)791-8181

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