Relocation Promotion

Making fans who love local towns.

Populations in rural areas are declining, and aging populations and the number of vacant houses are increasing. On the other hand, the number of people who question living in cities and who wish to experience a new lifestyle in the countryside is growing. Because these people who wish to relocate are considering relocating to places all over Japan, there is a need for knowing the needs and issues of these people, improving the level of people’s awareness of regions, and establishing a system that will bring about relocation to be able to promote permanent residency.



Chikugo Trial Stay
This is a relocation promotion project wherein people can experience living in a vacant house in the Chikugo area for 3 weeks. As feedback providers, we ask them to complete a questionnaire and a behavioral survey after their experience. By actually living in the area, they can provide feedback to the town about the place’s appeal and about areas for improvement. This in turn clarifies the needs of people who wish to relocate, and ties into future policies for permanent residency. In 3 years of implementing this project, we have had 60 groups who participated in this experience, and of these, 5 groups have relocated.



Koge Live-and-Work Stay
By experiencing working in Koge for a fixed period of time, this project allows for a more realistic exploration of relocation possibilities compared to merely living in the town. Due to geographical reasons, it is difficult to commute to Fukuoka City and to Kitakyushu City so we let people whose work environments are flexible as long as they have an internet connection such as freelance designers and internet-related workers to experience working and living in Koge. We solicit frank opinions about their present living and working conditions which allow us to tie these into permanent residence policies.

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