Renovation, Design and Construction

Renovation, Design and Construction

The word “renovation” has completely taken hold, but what are the advantages of renovating residences, offices and other spaces to begin with? Generally, the advantages are:
1. Designing by utilizing textures inherent in buildings that have weathered the passing of time, specifically, creating a thoughtful space that is uniquely yours;
2. Compared to a new building, the overall budget for renovation can be kept down to an inexpensive amount.
To these general advantages, we propose the following advantages from a broader perspective:
3. By renovating and restoring old buildings for long-term use, we can ameliorate the peculiar Japanese custom of constructing new, crude buildings, scrapping them when they get old and constructing new, crude buildings again.
4. We are also focusing our attention on renovated beautiful spaces that enrich Japan’s real estate industry. In addition, formulating a budget that envisages rental or a sale in the future; as well as choosing the best designer for each property are our company’s characteristic strengths.

Our Projects

“Client A” Residence (Detached House)
We carried out renovation services for a client who purchased an old detached house. We dramatically transformed an ordinary two-story wooden structure to a residence with lowered-floor spaces from the house’s entrance to the kitchen and we clearly demarcated living spaces according to their purposes.
“Client B” Residence (Condominium)
We provided total support from choosing the residence, to purchasing and renovation. We took the property back to its bare bones because the original floor plan had small rooms, and we expanded the living room and storage spaces for a streamlined look. We also transformed the interior’s appearance by utilizing different colors and flooring in each room.


Kobutsu (Store)
We provided support for an individual client from choosing the property, remodeling and up until the store’s launching. By utilizing the first floor of an apartment building as a store, we were able to keep down the floor price per unit area. With the help of a carpenter, our client also built some parts of the store such as the signboard.
EMOTENT (Office)
The concept for this office was a “Japanese casino.” We installed genuine game boards in the conference room, a strategy for stimulating the imagination. On the other hand, the work area had a theme of an “open field” so we put up greenery on the walls for a natural finish.


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