Culture Operations

A system for creating future culture

Creating culture through real estate and architecture is one of our important concerns. For example, art faces various challenges. The foundation of creative endeavors, art is an important measure of culture, but it is actually difficult to secure the physical space necessary for art. Accordingly, our company ascertains appropriate real estate, and through mixing profit-making spaces and spaces for artistic expression, we operate self-reliant integrated spaces for art.



FUCA(Fukuoka Urban Community of Art)
This integrated space for art was established with the goal of bringing forth world-class artists and creators from Fukuoka. It has become a place for artists and creators to produce creative work, a stage for expression through events and multi-media, and a space for communication in and out of the area. Facility-wise, it also has a cafe, a music studio and a media/art lab in addition to a communal atelier for artists.

DMX co.,ltd.

AMANO Bldg. 3-22-23 Haruyoshi Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
TEL +81(92)791-8180/FAX +81(92)791-8181

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